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    Across The Finish Line

    In my mind, it was just going to be me and Bieber, who would take me across the finish line. What I never could have imagined was that it would be me, and Bieber, and 5 of our run club members, and 600 other cheering people that would take me across the finish line.

    When race day came, I was definitely feeling anxious. Being in the midst of it all made it feel exceptionally real and no amount of trips to the port-a-potties could have calmed my nerves.

    I loved that moment where everyone was still together right before the start line waiting to hear the gun. It was fun and it was authentic, and all of my closest running buddies were there by my side.

    My goal was to not finish last, and better yet, to do it under 40 minutes. When i took into account that my training the two weeks prior had been so minimal I really thought it would be a real struggle. And it was.

    The 1st K flew by. I felt really strong and really great and I had thoughts of running a 10K or better yet a HALF sometime soon. What i hated about the course was that it was a “there and back” route so you knew exactly when you were half-way there, which I found kind of discouraging. The last 2K were a major struggle for me, I definitely felt the presence of my lack of training, and if i were to do it differently I would have been more diligent especially in the 2 weeks leading up to the big day. I’ll take that away with me as a best practice.

    Of all the different emotions I felt that day (and believe me it was an emotional roller coaster) nothing could top crossing the finish line at 32:40 into the arms of some of your closest friends who are all screaming and cheering their heads off just for you. The support I had was unbelievable!

    I want to make a huge shout-out to Jill and Mel who are two of our consistent members of run club who came across the finish line a few minutes before me, also completing their first 5K race. To Lauren, a fellow lemon at the Eaton Centre, who came 1st in our age category, To Nina who ran with a sore knee, and to my manager Nat who apparently had the most epic crossing of the finish line to date (picture long excited strides and flailing arms).

    Also a huge shout-out to Sam Sykes our ambassador and run club leader who inspires and encourages me everyday. Sam couldn’t be at the race because she was busy running her first marathon in Ottawa and crossing the finish line in an amazing 3 hours 36 minutes making her a Boston Qualifier on her first shot out.  INCREDIBLE.

    While this sort of marks the end of my journey, and maybe this blog, I’ll continue to go out to run club and hopefully see a 10K in my future. I’m excited to make new distances.

    See yah at run club? Okay cool.

    Allessia out.

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